About Us

A Richie's History Lesson


Richie's Deli and Pizza was founded in 1969 on Temple University's campus as a food truck before securing the location it has now on "The Wall." It was started by Richie's father and grandfather.


By this time, Richie's became a beloved staple on Temple University's campus. The "deli and pizza" branding was dropped to focus more on breakfast and coffee. Richie's involvement on social media resonated with students, cementing its place as one of the most successful food businesses on campus.


With a desire to freshen things up, Richie and his family envisioned a café. This led to the creation of Richie's Café in the lobby of an apartment building, Kardon Atlantic. Richie's Café focuses on a more modern and fresh menu, including paninis, waffles, an espresso menu, and much more. Soon after opening this location, the COVID pandemic hit. Richie's was able to persevere and continue to expand.


After a successful 2 years, Richie's Café moved from its apartment lobby location to its own full location at 1802 N Warnock St. This gave Richie's Café the opportunity to further refine its concept and branding. The new location was specifically designed to appeal to students and give them a comfortable place to relax on campus.