Want to join our team?

Some pros of working with us

  • Join a mostly student team of staff

  • Enjoy a 50% discount on our entire menu

  • Flexible scheduling and requests off (we understand that you're students first and cafe workers second!)

  • Raises based on length of employment and performance

Barista and/or food handling experienced preferred

Here is a list of tasks you may be expected and trained to do depending on your strengths:

  • Operate an espresso machine (froth milk, prepare espresso shots)

  • Craft drinks such as lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos

  • Make sauces and more by following recipes

  • Prepare ingredients, such as washing and cutting fruits/vegetables

  • Assemble sandwiches (take a look at our menu to get an idea of what's involved)

  • Slicing deli meats

  • Basic cooking on a flat-top grill (eggs)

  • Use a waffle machine

  • Use a panini press

  • Take customer orders and process payment

  • Dish washing

  • Cleaning (bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, wiping counters, sanitizing, taking trash out, dusting)

Richie's Cafe Hiring Application.docx

Download the application above and send it to:

Email us if you have any issues!